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There are so many watch styles and everybody's tastes differ. Here are some considerations to help you choose a watch that will fit specific functionality needs and style:

If you'll be using this watch for specific activities, consider:

A metal band that won't absorb sweat or water: Titanium - it's the most lightweight metal available and it won't corrode in salt water; A sapphire crystal - the most scratch resistant crystal A rotating bezel and chronograph functions to help you time and rate your speed; A watch with water resistance for showering, swimming, or diving - some are water resistant to 660 feet A bezel or chronograph that allows you to track the time in another time zone; An alarm, so you can leave your bulky alarm clock at home. back to top


If you want a versatile style, or a defined style, consider

A stainless steel case and bracelet band; A watch with numbers displayed clearly on the dial, so you can read the time whether you're playing sports or out on the town; The brands which specialize in versatility: TAG Heuer, Swiss Army, Omega, and Seiko A decorative bezel, for example: a bezel with diamonds; Fancy-colored dials like red, mother-of-pearl, or cobalt blue; Bracelet bands with brushed and polished metals or uniquely-shaped links; The brand which specialize in style: Gucci.
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Budget & Brand

Dunia Jam offers durable, accurate, affordable timepieces. Buy a brand that has an established reputation. Dunia Jam has chosen to carry only the finest brands with the best quality, design, and customer service available. For more information about each brand name, read our brand pages.