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To avoid any infiltration of moisture or dust, all watches, whether quartz or automatic, should have their water-resistance checked once a year by an official watch service center.

An automatic movement has to keep running 24 hours a day. Like any engine built for continuous operation, it needs regular service to ensure peak performance. Owners are advised to have their mechanical watches checked and serviced every two years.

If the temperature changes sharply, slight condensation could appear under the crystal. This mist will not affect the functions of the watch and will soon disappear. If it persists, the watch should be seen by service center. To preserve the looks of the watch, the case and bracelet should be cleaned regularly with slightly soapy water and rinsed in clean water before being dried with a soft cloth. The watch and bracelet should be rinsed carefully in fresh water after use in salt water. Leather straps should be dried in the shade and away from any source of heat. Ensure that the crown is screwed in (position 0), especially if the watch is worn in water. Water-resistance cannot be guaranteed if the crown is not screwed in. Avoid rubbing plated surfaces of the watch against any hard object. Avoid violent shocks, falls and repeated abrasions that can scratch metal or harm the mechanism of the watch. Also avoid chemical products, high temperatures and strong magnetic fields.
source: TAG Heuer General Catalog
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